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Energy Efficiency Certificates

  • The Certificate and its corresponding energy efficiency label are valid for 10 years.

Construction & Refurbishment

  • New builds, houses, villas, hotels, apartments and locals
  • Reforms and installations in general
  • Landscape gardening and design
  • Swimming pools and decretive ponds with water features
  • Restoration work, general and specialist
  • Interior design.
  • Projects, Certification, licenses and permissions

Electricial Installations

  • New Installations, upgrades & modifications
  • Inspection & Testing
  • Certification

All types of legal services

  • Local & International Lawyer services
  • Accountancy – (Gestor)
  • Property ownership
  • General & Offical Translations
  • Deeds Transfer
  • Transfer tax, Stamp Duty,
  • Plusvalía Tax – Calculated by your local townhall
  • Capital gains tax – Hacienda / Tax Office
  • Debt Checks